Kylie Takes On China

3 12 2008

Nicknamed in the Chinese media as the ‘Pea Princess’ in reference to her diminutive figure, Kylie’s début in China attracted a large crowd at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium on Monday night. Chinese fans crowding outside the venue said they were looking forward to seeing “sexy dancing” and “good singing”.

Although Kylie is still not widely known in China people still splashed out on the expensive seats. One young man told reporters, “I bought the VIP ticket so I actually want to smell her perfume. I want to see her sing the songs, my favourite songs.”

Kylie Takes On China

Artists appearing in China are forbidden from performing content that would harm ‘national unity’ or ‘stir up resentment’ and tour promoters are required to submit set-lists and lyric sheets for approval. Performers deemed to have hurt national sentiments are banned from appearing for an indefinite period or until they are seen to have made due penance.

Last year, a Beijing concert for US rock band Sonic Youth was nearly scrapped at the last minute after local authorities were tipped off that the band had played at a ‘Free Tibet’ concert. However, Kylie managed to avoided any hint of politics during her show.



2 responses

3 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

WoW! i think thats the first crowd i have seen from the entire X tour that seemed very dead, they didn’t look excited at all, are they not allowed to show excitement? i know that some of the songs such as NuDiTy, Like A Drug & Speakerphone were left out from the Chinese release due to strict censorship restrictions so how come she performed it? thats strange, anyway that was really cute how that kid said he wanted to smell her perfume!

3 12 2008

well more people now who kylie is now so more people will buy her albums and mayby she wont go into acting (im not stopping her ) but i wanna see her in concert first lol

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