Kylie Duets With Lucky Fan

11 12 2008


12-year-old Alannah Quartly got the best Christmas present she could have wished for when she was plucked from the crowd to sing a duet with Kylie at the Myer store in Sydney earlier today. Alannah was one of over 1000 people who had queued for hours for a chance to see Kylie at the Australian launch of her perfume Sexy Darling.

Alannah had already treated the waiting crowd to a rendition of White Diamond and when Kylie took to the stage she invited the youngster to repeat her performance. Unfortunately, an overwhelmed Alannah burst into tears that left her unable to speak, let alone sing.

Sexy Darling Australian Launch

“What if I help you?” suggested Kylie. After comforting Alannah with several hugs Kylie shared her microphone and a song with the lucky schoolgirl. “I was really, really, really excited,” said Alannah. “When I grow up I want to be exactly like Kylie, I want to be a performer.”

Following their performance Kylie invited Alannah, her younger sister Sarah and their parents to join her backstage after her X concert in Sydney on Sunday night.

Kylie @ Sexy Darling Launch Kylie @ Sexy Darling Launch

During the launch Kylie revealed that having her own fragrance line had always been a dream of hers. “When I first started touring Europe I used to joke that I’d only ever seen Paris and London on a perfume bottle. I didn’t know I’d be entering into this business, but it’s a girls dream come true.”

Kylie also told the crowd that she was looking forward to meeting her new nephew at home with her parents in Melbourne. “I’ll be leaping from sequins and diamantes on stage to auntie duty.” she said.

Kylie @ Sexy Darling Launch Kylie @ Sexy Darling Launch Kylie @ Sexy Darling Launch

After a brief press conference Kylie signed autographs for fans for over an hour, and authorised free concert tickets and VIP wristbands for those who had waited longest.



10 responses

11 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Alannah is one lucky girl, that was so cute it made me cry! Kylie is the best! She’s so beautiful, she is a queen.

11 12 2008

So sweet, love Kylie so much! x
And by the way what an amazing fan-site…

11 12 2008

omg that was so cute!!!
Dave ive got the x2008 tour dvd how do u get them as songs to play on my ipod (or does anyone know?) or is there anyway you could do it cos i really want a few more of the tracks live purely cos there amazin!!!

11 12 2008

She looked so sweet when she was crying, and how lucky was she!

11 12 2008

Just another reason to love her even more!

11 12 2008

Hey! I think that’s AlanaQ aka Banana on Kylie Konnect. You go girl!

12 12 2008

Im very jealous!! lucky lucky lucky lol and kylie looks gorgeous

12 12 2008
Blake is kylielover10

i wish i was was there to get free concert tickets (or even an autograph)

12 12 2008

if i lived in sydney i would have waited an entire day before the event just to get to meet my beautiful queen!!! Alannah is one lucky little girl!!

16 12 2008

She looks like Kylie! Lovely girl

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