Kylie Considers Return To Acting

15 12 2008

Kylie Considers Return To Acting

Answering questions posed by fans in an exclusive Sun webchat, Kylie has revealed that although her 1986 Ramsay Street début as Charlene seems a distant memory, she intends to make a return to acting in the near future. “I’ve been concentrating on music for such a long time now that I sometimes have to remind myself that I started out acting!” said Kylie. “I wonder what my life would be like if I had not followed a recording career and instead, focused on the craft of acting. Acting definitely plays a role in music and many aspects of my musical career but I do look forward to more film or stage acting in the future.”

The Sun newspaper asked it’s readers to pose questions to Kylie earlier in the month, and the following were selected to be answered during the webchat;

Oliver : What is your favourite holiday destination?

A favourite holiday destination has to be home, Australia! I am usually there a couple of times a year, but it’s such a huge country and there’s a lot I have yet to see. I love both the beaches and the outback.

Jules : Hello, Congrats on an amazing tour. What was the reason behind visiting South America and what was your favourite venue?

I had never toured South America before and it was high up on my to-do list! Many people had told me my music is played a lot there and that I would be made very welcome, so I wanted to find out for myself. The audiences there lived up to their reputation and were incredibly vocal, energetic and enthusiastic. It’s impossible to choose a favourite venue as they all have something unique and special, but the show in Sao Paolo was an absolutely amazing night.

Nadia : After twenty years in the music business do you ever get stage fright?

Absolutely! It’s part of the process and of course some shows are more nerve-racking than others.

Natalie Taylor : Is it true that you are presenting the Brit awards next year?

I’m happy to say I am! I asked if Mat Horne and James Corden would like to present the show with me as we recently worked together. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun with the guys and a lot of dress changes!! Hopefully me, not them!!

Tulip2uk : If you could single out one moment from your career, what would it be?

It’s not possible! All the moments, good and bad, play a part in the bigger story, but the one that comes to mind in this instance is when I was seventeen and I recorded a demo tape with three songs. Looking back, it was a pivotal moment.

Anon : How has KylieX2008 compared to your previous tours?

I put together a new band for this tour to reflect the style of the album X and this has added a whole new dynamic to the show. Within the normal constraints of one of my shows, screens, moving stage, props, choreography and lighting, there is a sense of freedom in the show. Everything is framed within the minimalist square design of the stage, which has the ability to transform via an illuminated stage.

Anne-Marie McEwan : Would you ever consider being in a play or musical if you were asked? P.S. Loved the X tour.

Yes, both are appealing. It hasn’t been possible to accept a theatre run in either a play or musical at this stage as I am always on the road, but I’m sure it will happen as the few stage experiences I have had were fantastic. I performed as Miranda in The Tempest and was the mystery guest in the Prince’s Trust performance of The Play What I Wrote.

Gamze : I really enjoy your tap-dance shows (eg. Better the Devil You Know) and also the jazzy songs (e.g. Tell Tale Signs, Automatic Love) and covers of the oldies. I also love the way you sing Crying Game and I really enjoyed Copa Cabana at your concert in Istanbul. Would you ever think of an album only with jazz songs?

I performed a jazz set at Café des Flores in Paris a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I think the reason a lot of singers like to perform standards is it allows you to give your own interpretation of the songs. As ‘standards’ you cannot stray too far from the original so your version is respectful but individual. I also took the opportunity on Jools Holland’s New Years Eve show, Hootenanny, to perform the song Come On Strong which was great fun.

Nadia Buxton : Hi Kylie – how often do you get to look at the forum? I post comments all the time and wondered if you ever saw them!

I check in on and Kylie Konnect as it’s such an important way to touch base with fans, so I might just see your message!!

Tim : Hi Kylie, Do you have any plans to appear in any movies? I hear a Marilyn Monroe film is in the pipeline.

I’ve been concentrating on music for such a long time now that I sometimes have to remind myself that I started out acting! I wonder what my life would be like if I had not followed a recording career and instead, focused on the craft of acting. Acting definitely plays a role in music and many aspects of my musical career but I do look forward to more film or stage acting in the future.

Phil Jerome : Have you ever wished you could switch places with a fan and live an ordinary life for once and they live yours?

Some days I would love to have anonymity. Just to watch and explore the world – to be a viewer. And it would definitely be interesting to trade places with a fan and know what it’s like from their perspective and vice versa.

Angela : Hiya Kylie, I’m a huge fan of yours and love all of your music. Have you asked Santa for anything special this year?

No, there was no special request to Santa this year!! I know I’ll be with my family so I am all set!

Hayley Caton : Who is your favourite artist and is there anyone you would love to work with?

I can’t choose one as there are so many fantastic performers who each have a unique talent. I’m inspired by many different artists and would leap at the chance to work with some of them. So far I have an amazing list of collaborators with whom I’ve worked so I hope this continues.




10 responses

15 12 2008

I always wondered if Kylie has a look at kyliekonnect and reads what her fans talk about!
Maybe she also knows this blog? 🙂

It’s a pity that she didn’t exactly write who she would like to work together with.
A few years ago Kylie mentioned that she considers to sing a duet with Missy Elliot or Gwen Stefanie.

15 12 2008

🙂 Happy Birthday, Samara! 🙂

(It was your birthday yesterday, wasn’t it?) 😉

15 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Yes dear, thank you so much! i had the best weekend ever! Watched KylieX with my family on my dads Gigantic projection screen with surround sound, We absolutely adore her! it was like i was at her show, haha, i also went to a Import shop here in Chicago that had LOADS of Kylie cd’s, dvd’s, posters and vinyl! lets say the cash i got for my Bday was spent before it even went in my purse!!!

15 12 2008

WOW! 🙂
You really had a GREAT Birthday!!!
I will tell my mum that I want to celebrate my birthday next year like you did 😉 Unfortunately, we have no giantic projection screen for watching Kylie dvds… Ha, that’s a new desire for my birthday!!!
(okay,just a joke… 😉 )

15 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

Oh I had a Great time, I also went to see the Broadway Musical The Jersey Boys and it was phenomenol! I liked it better than the Madonna concert i went to in October! I mean it was sensational! btw this interview is terrific! its nice to hear Kylie visits Kylie Konnect! and with the collaborations she’s been doing laely (Danni & Coldplay) who knows who she will duet with next!

16 12 2008
Mark Varner

Happy birthday, Samara. I read your clever posts here regularly. I am also a yank.

Anyhoo, yeah! I personally would LOVE to see Kylie act more. We know it’s her desire. I cry everytime I see Dr. Who and when I’m watching films I sometimes see roles she would be wonderful in.

16 12 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi Samara,

Happy belated Birthday for yesterday – slap on the wrist for forgetting.

By the sounds of it you had a really great day!

Dave 😉

22 12 2008
nadia buxton

wow thanks for answering my question hehe i hope kylie does see what i have written on kyliekonnect hehe i am kyleena on it 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

LOVE KYLIE 4 EVA!!! :* xx

22 12 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi Nadia,

Congrats on getting your question answered – I bet you’re well chuffed!

I wonder if Kylie has ever checked out my humble little website?

Dave 😉

22 12 2008

Hi Kylie will you do a tour with Dannii at all in 2009 ?

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