The Kylie Circus Hits Town

18 12 2008

The Kylie Circus

As Kylie and her entourage flew into Tullamarine yesterday afternoon, 14 trucks rolled in to the docking bays at the Rod Laver Arena laden with sets, sound desks, lights and pyrotechnics. This morning, a further three trucks were due to arrive with arguably the show’s most important cargo: the costumes, designed for this tour by John Paul Gaultier.

While audiences in Asia and the Middle East have seen a scaled-down version of the show that debuted in Paris in May, Melbourne will see the Kylie show in all its flamboyant glory over three shows, starting tonight. Among the highlights is “Nora”, the giant skull from which Minogue emerges during the show.

The numbers for this production are staggering. Much of the set made its way to Australia in six 16-metre shipping containers, but a further 22 tonnes of equipment was air-freighted. On top of that, local lighting and sound companies have been brought in to replicate the full European production.

The Kylie Circus

Also shipped from London is the stage itself, which was built on a slope and contains hydraulic lifts in order to accommodate another spectacular element — the entire floor is covered in video screens. The effect is that the stage almost appears to be moving under Minogue’s feet.

As soon as Minogue’s final Sydney show wrapped late on Wednesday night, an army of workers swung into action, packing the 17 semi-trailers worth of equipment. By 3am yesterday, the trucks were on the Hume. As soon as they arrived in Melbourne, the load-in commenced.

The Kylie Circus

Minogue’s production manager Kevin Hopgood was at the arena yesterday to greet the trucks and begin the venue’s transformation. Staff worked through to 11pm and will be back on the job from 7am. The aim was to have the staging ready for soundcheck by 4pm this afternoon.

Minogue’s custom-made one-off outfits pose special challenges for the crew. Minogue has to be sewn into and cut out of several of the costumes each night. Velcro also plays an important part. “We have to take great care of the outfits,” Mr Hopgood said. “If any of them got damaged, we’d be in deep trouble and have to start from scratch.”

The Kylie Circus

Before the tour began, production staff mapped out the time it takes for Minogue to depart the stage and return in a new outfit for the eight costume changes. Every second is accounted for. “Everything runs to timecode,” Mr Hopgood says.

There are 92 staff on this tour. Following each of the three Rod Laver Arena shows this week, Minogue will hold post-show parties to mingle with family and friends. Does she have a different demeanour touring at home? “She does,” Mr Hopgood says. “For the crew and the band, it’s the highlight of the tour. It’s been a whole year of rehearsals and touring and it’s nice to get to the end and know what you’ve achieved. It’s actually a bit of a party for all of us.”

Source : The Age




2 responses

19 12 2008

she pulls every thing out for oz and she should its her home town

20 12 2008
sarey loves kylie

I was there on the 19th It was FABULOUS!!!!
she is the best peformer and always will be!
i love u kylie!

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