KYLIEX2008 Backstage Pass

29 12 2008


Kylie has given us an exclusive Access All Areas pass to go behind the scenes of the final days of the KYLIEX2008 tour in Melbourne. Keep reading to check out the video.

KYLIEX2008 Backstage Pass





12 responses

29 12 2008

Thanks for the peak backstage. My favorite parts of all this are those candid moments.

Thanks Kylie for X! It was a great show and am very glad I was able to sneak off to London and see it. 🙂

30 12 2008

thats was amazing that video was well dune

i love seany with the elvis outfit
and k’s little nephew was in it lol

great tour the best one yet

30 12 2008

thanks Vampy! and Happy New Year <3!

30 12 2008

Oops, I know I’m a dork with champagne, but after all i meant – thanks Dave, and Happy New Year;)!

31 12 2008

Excellent video!! thanks a lot to the ones that allows us to see the video! =D HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

31 12 2008

Happy New Year Kylie !!!
Love you and your music !!!
Happy New Year to all Kylie fans to !!!

31 12 2008

Happy New Year guys!!

Dave 😉

1 01 2009

Happy New Year and welcome in 2009 !!! 😉

1 01 2009
Emily ♥

Happy New Year Everyone 😀

2 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Happy New Year Everyone! Can’t Wait To See What Kylie Is Going To Give Us This Year! I Love The BoomBox theme on the page Dave!

2 01 2009

She seems so nice and down-to-earth! She looks amaizing too!

3 01 2009

Wow, I love these backstage vidoes.
I wish she had made a White Diamond style film for the X Tour of backstage 😦

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