Paula Borrows Kylie’s Boombox!

3 01 2009

Paula Abdul

Eighties pop starlet turned American Idol judge Paula Abdul has revealed that her new single (which will debut on her new MTV show RAH! later today)  is a cover of  the unreleased Kylie track Boombox.

Paula Abdul – Boombox (clip)

Kylie recorded a demo of the track in 2003 during the Body Language sessions but it didn’t make the album.  After DJ’ing at the Boombox club in London in 2007 Kylie requested the demo be tracked down and remixed for club and in-house use.

The LA Riots Remix of Boombox will feature on Kylie’s upcomming remix compilation of the same name.



32 responses

3 01 2009



i am dreaming with the body language sexyest version.
it probably sounds like sweet music, thats why went out of the album

3 01 2009

This is so horrible.

3 01 2009

Paula Abdul wrote Kylie’s comeback single “Spinning Around” — I don’t see anything wrong with Kylie returning the favor. I actually dig Paula’s vocals in this.

3 01 2009

In all fairness, Paula Abdul wrote Spinning Around for herself, as her comeback song, but decided not to make a new album and gave it to Kylie

Maybe this will make people in the US finally realise how great kylie really is

3 01 2009

It is up to Kylie to prove herself to the USA, not Paula Abdul’s job.

3 01 2009

What a copy cat. How sad she is 🙂

3 01 2009

paula does it 100 times better than kylies version which was horrible

3 01 2009

The only reason you lot would be bashing Paula and call her a copycat is because you Know she did the song sooo much better than Kylie.

Kylies version… im sorry, but what was she thinking? its awful!
Paulas version… so much better! Paula is re-inforcing that she is worthy of being a judge with these vocals! she actually Can sing

3 01 2009

I dont like this version, and I dont understand why has to start a battle for position both in the singles charts?
This is ridiculous.

3 01 2009

I loveee it ❤

3 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Hmm, I don’t know, think i got to here the entire song, i’m not sure i like it, Kylie’s sounds way better.

3 01 2009

Kylie’s was just a demo to see how everything was going to be. If she was to use it, they would of re – recorded it.

3 01 2009

According to the registry for the song, Kylie did not write ‘Boombox’. Thus the song writers could give the song to whomever they want to record it. They allowed Paula to record the song. When you don’t write the song yourself, you have little control of it. They played more of the song on Paula’s cheerleading special on MTV this morning. Now, the cheerleaders sucked, but I really dug the song!

3 01 2009

I think it is awful that she is taking Kylies song to realease herself after all Kylie did hav it first its on her new album Boombox and she sang it on her tour, her version is better Paula, shes such a copycat but nomatter what Kylie will always rock and be way better. xxx =]

3 01 2009

Lauren, Kylie didn’t write the song thus she does not own the song. Paula isn’t copycatting anything.

3 01 2009

I hate the beginning part but the vocal parts are good :]

4 01 2009
Mark Varner

Wow. Strong opinions. As an American I remind you that so much of our music pretty much sucks, so this is an improvement over the norm, at least.

I like Paula’s version OK. I LOVE Kylie’s version. Great song, but Kylie’s production shines, IMO.

4 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Mark,

You think there are some strong opinions here, check out the reaction on the Paula Abdul forum when somebody mentions that this is an old Kylie track :

Dave 😀

P.S. This is my first post of 2009, so Happy New Year everybody & I hope you like the new look for the site.

4 01 2009
Danny R


WOW! Talk about blind admiration.

4 01 2009

I actually quite like paulas version but would have prefered if kylie had done it.

4 01 2009

some comments in the Paula Forum are insane! I dont like this battle…

4 01 2009

OMG those paula fans are defensive!

Loving the new layout dave – can’t wait to get my hands on the cd tomorrow

4 01 2009
Emily ♥

i don’t like it :/ i think if kylie released it …it would do better 😀

4 01 2009

it sounds ok i wouldnt go out and buy it but it sounds OK

and i love the new colours and layouts

tbh i love kylie remix of it

go klyie

4 01 2009

Actually i think this is a great song it totally fits paulas vocal range and i think that is is greta that she is making a comback album.

4 01 2009

Well I’m sorry to say I don’t mind who sings it. It’s always interesting hearing Kylie rareties, but that’s all Boombox appears to be for her, an ex-demo that got remixed but isn’t being hailed as the next big ‘Kylie Hit’. If she’s not using it, let someone else. Kylie has used plenty of other peoples songs & made them famous, cut Paula some slack & let her have the rejected demo!

5 01 2009

Wow, Impossible Princess fans! We’re starting 2009 with quite the chatter — great to see so many responses to one of Dave’s blogs. I’m going to have to side with Zack and OzKylie on this one.

Dave, great new banner graphics as always! Your site rocks!

5 01 2009

I have only heard a tiny clip of Paula’s version, but from that I prefer Kylie’s version.
I saw her perfrom it live 😀

5 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Jen, Happy New Year, glad you like the new look!

The choice of song seems to have been a good move by Paula’s camp, it’s certainly generated some hype!

Thanks to everybody who’s left a comment over the last couple of days, getting a response like this to an article makes all the work that the site takes worth while!

Dave 😀

6 01 2009

Thank you Dave! your site is amazing!

17 01 2009

For all you Paula haters – you are some very sad Kylie fans. Do you think for one minute Kylie would say the rubbish about Paula you guys are saying? Show some class my fellow Kylie “fans.” I’m a huge fan of both Kylie and Paula and am thrilled I get to hear two of my favorite divas take on this track. It actually fits both of their style and sounds very well. Stop spreading hate and just enjoy.

21 03 2011

Paula wrote this song along with Spinnin Around for Kylie. She did not “steal” I would know.

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