Kylie Turns Up Her Boombox

5 01 2009


Just in case you managed to miss all the hype, Kylie’s latest compilation album is out to buy (or download) today. Entitled Boombox, the album contains some of the best – and previously unreleased – remixes from Kylie’s time with Parlophone.

I couldn’t resist posting this review  from which I think sums the album up perfectly;

Kylie has costume-changed her way through numerous incarnations over the years but Boombox (which shares its name with a Shoreditch electro soirée) presents the pop starlet as the sparkly patron saint of nightlife.

This 21st-century remix collection isn’t strictly exclusive stuff as many of these versions have been previously available on singles but the designer remakes (by artists ranging from Mylo to Sébastien Léger) do add up to a persuasively cohesive catalogue in the tradition of the Pet Shop Boys’ Disco series.

Stand-out numbers include the Kylie/New Order mash-up Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head, which sounded radical in 2001 and still retains an edgy frisson now, and The Chemical Brothers’ sinewy, sensual remix of Slow.

Kylie, as you’d expect, presides over the beats and basslines with totally unruffled panache even as she’s singing up- all-night call-to-arms such as Your Disco Needs You and the Boombox theme.

Forget the January lull – Boombox is an exquisite excuse for a new year’s after-party

The tracklisting for the physical version is as follows:

01. Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head – Bootleg with New Order
02. Spinning Around – 7th District Club Mental Mix
03. Wow – Death Metal Disco Scene Mix
04. Love At First Sight – Kid Creme Vocal Dub
05. Slow – Chemical Brothers Mix
06. Come Into My World – Fischerspooner Mix
07. Red Blooded Woman – Whitey Mix
08. I Believe In You – Mylo Mix
09. In Your Eyes – Knuckleheadz Mix
10. 2 Hearts – Mark Brown’s Pacha Ibiza Upper Terrace Mix
11. On A Night Like This – Bini & Martini Mix
12. Giving You Up – Ritron Re-Rub Vocal Mix
13. In My Arms – Sebastien Leger Vocal Mix
14. The One – Britrocka Remix
15. Your Disco Needs You – Casino Mix
16. Boombox – LA Riots Remix

iTunes customers can also download the following extra tracks:

17. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Greg Kurstin 2007 Mix
18. Butterfly – Mark Piccotti Sandstorm Dub




7 responses

5 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

And of course its not available on US iTunes only UK and it won’t allow me to purchase anything from another countries iTunes, Ugh! How i hate the American market for music when it comes to Kylie! I’m going to actually buy the cd online but it would be nice to see all of Kylie’s material on US iTunes, it really makes my blood boil that she is not! US iTunes has only about 7 Kylie videos for purchase and only her last 4 albums, whats wrong with them! Thanx 4 posting this review Dave! P.S. Sorry for ranting like a lunatic but i had to vent somewhere haha!

5 01 2009

I feel your pain, Samara. Where has the Kylie love gone in the U.S.? At least we American Kylie fans all have each other.

6 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

No worries for ranting Samara, it must be really frustrating!

From what I can make out Boombox IS due to be released in the US (through Astralwerks) on the 27th of January :


and Canada (through EMI) on the 13th of January :


Hope this shines some light in the darkness!

Dave 😀

6 01 2009

Hi Samara !

I can understand that you are angry, I often Have the same problems:(
Okay, in Germany you can buy Boombox since yesterday (what I did:) ),
but I can’t order Kylie’s book Showgirl Princess.

6 01 2009

With all due respect Samara – but even we in Australia “the home country” can’t buy this yet!

What are her people doing? The mind boggles as to why her releases aren’t simultaneous, internationally. Clearly the X sales in the US suffered as a result of several months delay in release – dedicated US fans already having bought X online months earlier…

Ah well – I guess it justs makes the anticipation grow!

6 01 2009

im gunna buy it wen i get muney

6 01 2009
Emily ♥

i got it on itunes yesterday but theres a digital booklet on there that i paid an extra £3 for and it doesn’t work :/ so i’m really annoyed about that x

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