Kylie Goes Out On The Piste

7 01 2009

Kylie In Hello Magazine

This weeks edition of Hello magazine features exclusive photos of Kylie out on the piste with her new beau Andres Velencoso. Kylie whisked the Spanish model off to the French Alps for a week of snowboarding and partying and according to locals the pair have been acting like loved-up teenagers on the romantic break in Chamonix.

An insider told the magazine, “Andres had never been snowboarding before but Kylie loves it. It shows how much he is into her that he was prepared to give it a go. She paid for an instructor for him and they had a great time. And they looked like a loved-up couple in the bars in the evening.

Kylie In Hello Magazine Kylie In Hello Magazine

“Kylie loves winter sports. She likes the fact that people don’t really recognise her with all her gear and goggles on. But when the occasional person did notice her, she was lovely – polite and down to earth. They both looked so happy. It was great to see.”

Kylie In Hello Magazine

There was much speculation in the press about a possible romance when Kylie and Andres were pictured cosying up at a party in Paris in October but at the time the couple refused to confirm they were an item. Kylie later insisted that she was still single. However, the couple’s stay at the £10,000-a-week log cabin complete with hot tub and sauna suggests that maybe love is in the air.

Kylie In Hello Magazine

On New Year’s Eve the pair dined at a Chamonix restaurant before dancing the night away in local bar No Escape. An onlooker said, “They were happily celebrating with friends and locals but enjoyed a few tender private moments too.”

Kylie In Hello Magazine

Read the full story exclusively in the current edition of Hello magazine, on sale now.




13 responses

7 01 2009

Kylie has a very good taste, but we already knew that 🙂
If you wanna see more of Andres use Google-images, you will be surprised what you will see… ^^
Love Kylie the one and only Superstar! xx

7 01 2009
Danny R

It’s good to see Kylie looking so happy 😉

Love the new look for the site Dave !

7 01 2009

She looks like she’s having some real fun again 😀

And damn, that coat… I want one, in guys’ size :]

7 01 2009

he is cute

7 01 2009

Aww, they look like they’re having fun 😀

I love her REALLY long scarf, looks fabulously warm.
And her hat for that matter

7 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Its nice to see her with a male campanion they look cute together and seem to be having lots of fun. The site looks HOT Dave!

8 01 2009

Hi everyone !

I found out a few more things about Andres :
– Birthday: May 11th ( he turns 31 this year )
-he is from Tossa del Mar, near Barcelona
-Hobbies: yoga, soccer, diving, going to the cinema, travelling,
taking pictures
-height: 189 cm

He seems to be a nice guy !!!

8 01 2009
Mark Varner

Good for Kylie. I Googled Andre and, oh my. He’d be appreciated by many of Kylie’s fans, if ya know what I mean. He sure looks like fun.

I wish for Kylie the deepest fullfillment of every aspect of life, including love and her own family.

8 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Nina, thanks for the info and Mark, I know exactly what you mean!

Dave 😀

8 01 2009

Kylie is so adorable lol and short 😀 They are cute together

9 01 2009

he is a giant!

10 01 2009

YES! love is in the air! 🙂

24 01 2009


Another guy!!!!!!!!!!

I thought they werent an item.hmmm….wonder how they got together,I mean I know the meeting but I want to know the details you know??

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