Ruffle My Feathers – Bitrocka Remix

20 01 2009

Ruffle My Feathers - Bitrocka Mix

London based DJ Andy Bernhard (aka Bitrocka) who’s remix of The One was named ‘pick of the album’ in The Independent’s review of Boombox, has worked his magic on the unreleased KYLIEX2008 track Ruffle My Feathers. Keep reading to check it out.

Ruffle My Feathers – Bitrocka Remix



13 responses

20 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Remix is hot! it would have been nice to have this one on Boombox as well. Thanx Dave and great work to Bitrocka!

20 01 2009

awesome soundtrack

20 01 2009

hi the track is amazing can u upload it pls? it’s one of my favs!!!!

20 01 2009

Awesome!!! We should of had more tracks like this on boombox (unreleased stuff).

20 01 2009

Wow – this track is great will it be released as a download. Why wasn’t it put on Boombox!!

20 01 2009

Love it, I would buy it on itunes 😮

21 01 2009
Mark Varner

Warby, exactly what I thought. Many of us are waiting for that magic release. Until then…. youtube.

23 01 2009

Amazing!!!! Love this remix as much as the track!!!!

9 02 2009

yeah it is an amazing remix
i do like the original as well but this one is just as good.

9 02 2009

how do i download this
It won’t let me click on the name of the song

9 02 2009
The Impossible Princess

Sorry Natalie, no download on this one.

It’s an official remix which may still get a release.

Dave 😦

9 02 2009

not downloaded in my ipod?
I will wait to get it and playing in my next house party

10 03 2009

i’m not keen on this, i prefer the orig.

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