New Tous Photo Shoot

21 01 2009

New Tous Photoshoot

I couldn’t resist posting these great new shots from Kylie’s latest Tous photo shoot. Kylie looks stunning as always and about ten years younger than in some of the previous Tous shots.

tousjan0901 tousjan0903
tousjan0905 tousjan0902



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21 01 2009

these shots are a keeper!She looks so pretty but doesnt she always!!
p.sShe has long hair again! lol

21 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

WoW! i always did love her with long hair, what can i say she looks more beautiful than ever!

21 01 2009

Kylie looks amazing! Love much more her longer hair! x

21 01 2009

A stupid question, how can i change that icon please ? It looks so angry and im not angry at all ^^

21 01 2009

Stunning, as always!

21 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Kobe,

The icon that appears next to your name is called a ‘Gravatar’ and is generated automatically from your email address.

You can actually assign your own image to your email address – like Samara and I have done – quite easily.

Click here for a quick guide :

Hope this helps. If you need any more help just let me know.

Dave 😀

21 01 2009

oooh my god she really looks amazing and so younger i miss so much that kylie…

21 01 2009

Those shots are great!! There’s a Tous shop by where I live, I think I’m one of the only people who knows who she is!

21 01 2009

Hi Alisa! 🙂

Where is that Tous shop? ( where are you living? )
Are the things very expensive?

21 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Hey guys a little off topic from this awesome post but i found out Kylie has a new perfume its called “Couture” its already on sale at some store called Boots in the UK.

21 01 2009


21 01 2009

It’s kinda like body language : D

I love em gotta put em on kylie’s lastFM if they arent there already 🙂

21 01 2009

Hi Samara ! 🙂

I heard about “Couture” , too. I hope that it will also be on sale in other countries, soon.

21 01 2009

Thanks Dave and keep up the good work! Your site is really amazing!

21 01 2009

Amazing….i love it ❤

21 01 2009

OMG !!!! SHe looks better than ever really!!! A bit like the BL era that I looove!! I hope she keeps the hair like this =)
just stunning..

21 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Kobe,

Glad you managed to sort your Gravatar – that looks much better! Thanks for your comment on the site by the way, positive feedback is always much appreciated.

I have to agree with everybody’s comments on these new photos, Kylie looks sexy and chic and the reaction on the forums has been just as positive.

If William was involved in the styling, lets hope he carries on in this direction.

Dave 🙂

22 01 2009

I live in San Diego, CA. Its not too bad. I’ve bought a few small things from them. Nothing over $200.

22 01 2009

i must agree with like everyone else lol Kylie looks stunning here. in her own words she looks ‘WOW’ lol
great to see ur back Dave

22 01 2009

i love this shot

23 01 2009

Absolutely beautiful photos.
Whatever the missing piece was from X – she certainly has it back! She looks glowing, healthy and stunning. Bring on 2009!
Love the site Dave, hope you’re well

24 01 2009

very nice shot! anyone now where can i get them in hq?

24 01 2009
nadia / kyleena

kylie is the best ever!! great look 😉

25 01 2009

My durable iconic
She ‘s great

26 01 2009
Retro Futurist

I have always liked her better with long hair, although i also liked her hair in “in my arms”, but then again she suits alot of hair styles especially with that facial shape

31 01 2009

She look WOW !!!
And Kylie is 40 , but shes look like 30 !
Love to you Kylie !

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