Kylie’s Cinema Ad Tops Poll

26 01 2009

Agent Provocateur

Kylie’s advertisement for lingerie firm Agent Provocateur, in which she rides a mechanical bull, has been voted the best cinema commercial of all time. The raunchy 2001 short called Proof, which features Kylie riding the machine in Agent Provocateur underwear, was crowned the best cinema advertisement in a public vote.

The controversial commercial, created specifically for cinema and banned from being shown on television, shows Kylie riding a red velvet rodeo bull to show that Agent Provocateur is “the most erotic lingerie in the world”. At the end of the short film she challenges the men in the audience to “stand up and be counted”.

The poll, which was launched by cinema advertising sales house Digital Cinema Media (DCM), gave voters a choice of 10 adverts chosen by a panel of experts. Agent Provocateur beat off competition from the likes of the Guinness ‘Surfer’ advertisement, Diet Coke’s ‘Break’ and Carling Black Label’s ‘Dambusters’ to take the title.

Fleur Castell, marketing and research controller for Digital Cinema Media said, “Cinema is about engaging and entertaining the audience, and this ad pulls off both elements perfectly in a fun and cheeky way. It’s great to see the top ads are cinema-only campaigns, proving cinema ads really are the nation’s favourite.”

Steve Reeves, who directed the advertisement said, “Creatives Mick Mahoney and Andy Amadeo came up with a spot that was not only specifically written for the cinema, but was also very very sexy and funny, a rare combination. They were great to work with, ensuring that we came away with a cinema ad that was as confident as the product”.

Top Ten Cinema Advertisements:

1. Agent Provocateur ‘Proof’ – 2001

2. The Orange Gold Spot – 2008

3. Maxell Tapes ‘Break the Sound Barrier’ – 1982

4. Dunlop Tyres ‘Tested for the Unexpected’ – 1993

5. Ford Puma ‘Bullitt’ – 1997

6. Diet Coke ‘Break’ – 1994

7. Bacardi ‘If’ – 1991

8. Guinness ‘Surfer’ – 1999

9. Carling Black Label ‘Dambusters’ – 1990

10. Sony Bravia ‘Balls’ – 2005




10 responses

26 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

I love this ad! the first time i saw it i was literally left with my mouth opened! Go Kylie!

26 01 2009

Haha I’ve seen this many times XD love it

27 01 2009

Kylie ‘s the sexiest woman on this planet 🙂 x

22 04 2009

If Kylie’s sexiness was represented by her height, how tall would Kylie be?

27 01 2009

I’m pretty sure this was never released in the USA!. I would have remembered THAT!!! 🙂

27 01 2009


the REAL cause of Global Warming. 🙂

22 04 2009

How is that even possible in reality?

27 01 2009

lol ^^^^

10 03 2009

Why is the video unavalible?

i’ve seen it before anyways

3 04 2009

Why does she crouth when asking the men to stand up? Did she think she was a giant in an all man city?

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