Behind The Scenes – Tous 2009

28 01 2009


Spanish jewellery firm Tous have released a behind the scenes video of their first 2009 photo shoot with Kylie. Keep reading to check it out.

Behind The Scenes – Tous 2009



17 responses

28 01 2009

Cool! Thanks, Dave!

28 01 2009


28 01 2009

Thanks for this video!!!

Kylie seems to have a lot of fun 😀

28 01 2009

The shots are fab. Kylie looks like shes havin a ball i bet she is amazin to work with such a natural. God i love this woman lol xx

28 01 2009

She is REALLY DIVA forEVER times!!!!! Looks amazing, i have no words to say how beautiful she is!!!!! Thanks God for having HER in music life!!!

28 01 2009
sebastien vasseur

what a difference from her recent X looks!!! thanks God Will Baker is gone away for a while now!!!
She looks amazing!!!
Well done Kylie!!!

10 03 2009

Will has gone away?
I am so behind with the times, it’s untrue.

28 01 2009

i love the new shots of kyles she looked stunning , they did really capture her natural sophisticated side


29 01 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

OMG! OMG! Thank You Dave! I love her! She’s So beautiful! i love her more everyday, i feel so lucky to be a fan!

29 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

I love this clip. Kylie looks like she’s having a blast!

Dave 😆

29 01 2009
mark varner

Loves it!

29 01 2009

Tout simplement sublime!
Kylie est une bombe!!!
Elle a tout pour elle…J’adore son style!
She’s the ONE!!!
I love Kylie…

30 01 2009
The Impossible Princess

Kyle, please stop posting links to Sean Cody, I’ll only delete them – children visit this site!

Dave 😈

31 01 2009

Shes 40, but shes look like 30 ! Love you Kylie !!!

1 02 2009

I think she looks more like 25! 🙂

2 02 2009

Yes ,she do !

10 03 2009

She is sooo beautiful!
i love these Tous photo shoots she does, she always looks fab in them.

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