Inside Kylie’s Box

1 02 2009

HX Magazine

With several release parties taking place in US nightclubs over the next few weeks – including the Omega DC in Washington on the 14th February – US gay magazine HX takes a peak at what’s inside Kylie’s (Boom)box.

Article by Max Steele – HX Magazine

We all know Ms. Kylie loves a remix album. The handful of singles from her time with legendary dance producers Stock Aitken Waterman alone have spawned a total of five remix collections. But in the past decade, Kylie’s focused more on perfecting her flawless pop formula, with various remixes relegated to EPs and singles. That is, until now. Kylie’s latest, Boombox culls its remixes from her last four albums – her most commercially successful in the US – including 2007’s brilliant X.

Boombox Artwork

Boombox kicks off with the most ubiquitous Kylie remix, a mash-up of ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’ and New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’. OK lady, we’ve heard it before, it was after all the original Napster Queen download. It’s also one of the first times that a major label artist openly embraced the mash-up phenomenon. Rather than suing for copyright infringement, Kylie liked what she heard and made it her tour theme.

The Chemical Brothers’ smouldering treatment of ‘Slow’ is just as crucial as anything off Body Language and has replaced the album version in Kylie’s live sets. The funky retro synth bassline of Fischerspooner’s mix of ‘Come Into My World’ another concert fave, also improves on the original. But there are some unfortunate choices here, as well. Mark Brown’s Pacha Ibiza Upper Terrace Mix of ‘2 Hearts’ effectively neuters the cabaret-rock original, replacing live drums with a sleepy house beat and burying our girl’s sensuous coos. By and large, these remixes range from interesting to downright brilliant. Whitey’s update of ‘Red Blooded Woman’ dumps the cheesy Destiny’s Child-esque groove of the original for punky disco. And Knuckleheadz contribute a particularly inspired happy hardcore remix of ‘In Your Eyes’.

Boombox Artwork

After nearly a decade’s of hits, Kylie is still criminally undervalued in the U.S. and unfortunately this collection probably won’t win her many new fans. Instead, Boombox is a love letter to her mostly gay, mostly nightclub-dwelling devotees. For those of us who’ve been keeping up with Kylie however, Boombox is welcome fuel for the dance floor.

Boombox Release Party

Boombox Release Party

Hosted by VJ TRE

Omega DC Nightclub
2122 P St. NW
DC 20037

Saturday 14th February



6 responses

1 02 2009

Dave thank you for the info! You always rock 😉

2 02 2009

2 decades of hits, surely… 🙂

2 02 2009

dus kylie even no about this

2 02 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Awesome! this is a US magazine (i think) I have the “Light Years” issue!

3 02 2009
Mark Varner

I got my American copy the other day. I pre-ordered with Amazon. Loves it!!!! I’ve been playing the grooves off it. My favorite remix is Wow, but there’s much to enjoy here. A must own CD.

But, ack! I’m bummed. I googled the Boombox CD release party in San Francisco and it was last Thursday! Sigh….

3 02 2009

this cd has been put in the uk for abput 3 weeks and seems to have had good reviews. She loves America so hopefully this cd will encourag more fans to join her.

A most have cd

And i think kylie does no about it becuase it has parlaphone on the back her record company and i think even the kylie K is on the abck as well.

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