Andres Takes Kylie To Meet Family

7 02 2009

Kylie & Andres

Kylie’s current beau Andres Velencoso has taken her to meet his father and sisters in their small home town of Tossa de Mar in Spain’s Costa Brava. A source told yesterday’s Daily Mail, “Andres took her to meet his family and they all got to know each other over dinner at his father’s restaurant.”

“It was a very romantic break – they were able to go for long walks along the beach together and Andres showed her many places from his childhood.” the unnamed source revealed. “This is his first serious relationship, and his family appreciate how much effort he is making with Kylie and were very welcoming.”

Andres is said to be upset that Kylie will never get to meet his mother, who died seven years ago. “He was sad that Kylie couldn’t meet his mother, as he describes her as the most important person in his life.” said the source.

Andres is reportedly looking to buy a studio flat in west London so he can spend more time with Kylie. “Andres doesn’t want to let Kylie slip away.” the source explained. “He’s been looking for a place of his own because he’s adamant that he doesn’t want to sponge off her.”




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7 02 2009
Mark Varner

I admit it. I am a Kylie addict. I come to her music or her videos when I’m stressed at work, when I’m sad or angry and especially when I’m happy and ready to play. If she’s being played on the dance floor I will ALWAYS dance, even if I’m the only one out there. I listen to Kylie every single day. I buy her commercially available material and seek out the rarities. She keeps me sane, and I’m very serious when I say that. I owe her so much!

I wish for Kylie the greatest happiness a person could have. May she be fullfilled in every way. May she find love beyond measure and lasting longer than time.

7 02 2009

this is so sweet, isn’t it? ohhhh …and they’re both gorgeous!

7 02 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

I really wish all the best for Kylie in love and life, she deserves to find someone who she can fall in love with and be happy with forever, if this person is Andres then so be it. Kylie is so very important to me and to all her fans. I know how you feel Mark, there isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t listen to her music and worship her! She is a Queen!

7 02 2009

I agree with all of you:
I love Kylie and I hope she and Andres will be happy together!!!

Kylie+Andres= LOVE!!! 🙂

8 02 2009

kylie and andres are the perfect pair thEY suit each other they look amazing together and kylie couldnt ask for more a hot spanish model YUM

8 02 2009

What a lovely place. I went to Tossa back in about 1990 and it was beautiful. If your boyfriend’s from anywhere, you’d hope it was somewhere like Tossa.

10 02 2009

Andres must be happiest man in the world !

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