KYLIEX2008 Studio Recordings

8 02 2009

KYLIEX2008 Studio Mixes

During her recent X2008 tour, Kylie performed fantastic new arrangements of some of her classic hits. Studio recordings of two these tracks – In Your Eyes and Better The Devil You Know – have finally surfaced.

BTDYK – X2008 Studio Mix
In Your Eyes – X2008 Studio Mix



24 responses

8 02 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Thanks Dave!

8 02 2009

YEAH! My favourites arragements!!! I had others, but no these ones… THANKS YOU!

8 02 2009

I’m sooooooo hoping for the X Tour version of On a night like this, I loved the intro! 😀

thanks for the 2 tracks! ❤ ❤ ❤

8 02 2009

How can i download these songs?

8 02 2009

oh, nevermind 🙂

8 08 2009

hi me llamo emely y tu como te llamas escribeme plesa no me dejes es perando ok

8 02 2009
sebastien vasseur

I want them… how can I download them???

8 02 2009

yep… how can you download them?!


8 02 2009
The Impossible Princess

To download, right click on the song title & either :

Firefox users : Save Link As…
Internet Explorer users : Save Target As…

Dave 😆

8 02 2009

OMG i want them now

8 02 2009

me encantan esas canciones en el x tour
la amo
ok esta pagina esta genial

8 08 2009

yo adoro esa cancion

8 02 2009

In your eyes is wicked any chnace of getting step back in time, 2 hearts and copacabana from X2008?

9 02 2009

Thank you, Dave!

9 02 2009

oh yeah i agree with sam i would love these songs could youplease get these aswell. they are amazing.
As wel as these 2 they were my fave

9 02 2009
Emily ♥

oooh is there a studio version of flower? 😀 xx

9 02 2009

oh my god
some of my 10.000 kylie favourite trks
they’re already in my ipod

10 02 2009

Thanks Dave ! 😆
Sounds amazing!

10 02 2009

love the in your eyes mix C:

10 02 2009
andreX Colombia

Que bueno tener BTDYK en esta version, fue lo maximo cuando la canto aqui en Bogota Colombia…….. gracias

12 02 2009

these mixes are awesome!! wish they could have been included in boombox though especially in your eyes

13 02 2009

i love her live arrangements soooo much! sometimes they sound even better than the original version! (and thats just 1 reason 2 go 2 a kylie concert) LoveKylie :X
i wonder if she’s going 2 release a new album in 2009??

3 03 2009

wow wow wow wow in your eyes is my fave so far!!! thanks alot dave!!! now how bout speakerphone with the intro??? now thats a grand entrance!!!

8 08 2009

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