Kylie Heads To Mumbai

24 02 2009

Kylie Heads To Mumbai

Despite reports yesterday that Kylie was still some months away from going to Mumbai, according to The Times of India she will be landing there tonight. Over the next eight days, Kylie will be in the city working on a promotional video for the Bollywood movie Blue, which stars Akshay Kumar & Sanjay Dutt and has a musical score by recent Oscar winner A.R.Rahman.

According to the report, Kylie has already recorded two songs for the film. The first is a solo track (reported to be a racy and peppy song with an international beat) for the promotional video for Blue, the second is a duet with one of Bollywood’s biggest music stars Sonu Nigam.

Kylie was first approached by Rahman last year about the possibility of her flying out to India to record a track for the movie – set to be the most expensive Bollywood film ever made. After being given music scores to listen to in the new year, Kylie liked them and agreed to record two tracks for the film, but in a London recording studio. The duet was created with Sonu Nigam recording his vocals in Mumbai and then the track being sent to London for Kylie to sing along with.

Kylie Minogue & A.R.Rahman

While in Mumbai Kylie will shoot the promotional video for Blue (which will be choreographed by Farah Khan) with Indian superstar Akshay Kumar. Talking about Kylie’s visit Akshay said yesterday, “I actually and truly believe Slumdog Millionaire has opened many doors for not only India, but for our own film industry. Only weeks ago Kylie was on stage honouring our beloved A.R.Rahman at the BAFTA Awards, now she’s performing a song composed by the very same man. I think she must feel as honoured and excited about working together with him as I am. And I’ve heard Kylie moves as sweet as she sings, so it’s back to the rehearsal room for me!”

Blue is due to be released in August 2009.



4 responses

24 02 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Awesome! that sounds like its going to be spectacular! Thanks Dave!

25 02 2009
Mark Varner

Yeah! New Kylie songs. Could be dancefloor GOLD, too!

25 02 2009
Satish from The Viewspaper

Useful information. Thanks for the post 🙂

25 02 2009

Wow, great!
I’m real excited about her video and the new songs! 😉

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