Extended Couture Advert Released

7 03 2009

Couture - Dare to wear

A new extended version of the stunning but disappointingly short TV commercial for Kylie’s fifth fragrance Couture has been released. I don’t care what claims the media have been making about Kylie having had some work done – whether she has or hasn’t – she really is looking amazing at the moment! Keep reading to check out the extended commercial in all it’s 22 second glory.

Kylie Minogue Couture – Extended TV Campaign



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7 03 2009

i love this smell and its a could fragrance kylie looks amazing

7 03 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

I’m with you Dave! i could care less if Kylie’s had work done on her or not, she is a lovely human being inside and out. She has always been a very beautiful lady and if she has had work done its probably been very minimal, she’s had the same face throughout her entire career which is very high cheekbones, tight skin & arched eyebrows, She has alot of natural beauty to begin with and any cosmetic work would only enhance her already sexy features, she is simply just gorgeous, besides who hasn’t altered their image in show business? why do people make such a big deal when a celebrity looks different? as long as she doesn’t go overboard with it (and we know she won’t) whats the big deal! if we all had the money to look our absolute best we would all do it. I would, haha! I was a bit surprised to see how short this commercial for Couture was, it looks like this is her best fragrance yet and it hasn’t gotten very much promotion, why is that Kylie’s best stuff never gets the proper credit it deserves?

7 03 2009
The Impossible Princess

She really can’t win either way. If the press take a bad photo they claim she’s looking old, if they take a good photo they claim she’s had work done!

With the constant glare of the media spotlight, if maintaining her image means the odd nip/tuck here or there, then good luck to her. If I had the money I’d be sat next to her in the waiting room! 😆

8 03 2009

All celebrities have some ‘assistance’ in looking their best, as do most women in developed countries. What’s the difference between botox, nips/tucks, airbrushing and old fashioned make up – they all hide flaws and enhance what’s already there, some are just more permanent than others!!

8 03 2009


8 03 2009

Who cares if Kylie fas had “Work done”. I think she looks stunning the way she is at the mo.

Love the new fragrance its great and the name is ace 2! 🙂

Go Kylie u rock!!!

10 03 2009

herface is more animated than any teenager no work done

11 03 2009

I think Kylie would admit it if work was done on her face.
Someone should just ask her about it. I`m quite sure she would be honest.

12 03 2009

i just love this smell so much but havn’t seen any of the tv adverts on tv yet. are they being aired or am i just not watching thr right channels

13 03 2009

she was askd she doesnt need to respond

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