Kylie In Bollywood – Update

8 03 2009

Kylie Minogue - Blue

Kylie has said that she is thrilled with her Bollywood experience and working with India’s double Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman. “It was an incredible experience to work with A.R. Rahman.” she told a packed news conference at a Mumbai hotel to publicise her work in the film Blue. “I met A.R. Rahman at the BAFTA awards in London last month. I couldn’t believe I was doing a song with him in Bollywood so soon after.”

Blue, an underwater extravaganza that was partly shot in the Caribbean, also stars action hero Akshay Kumar, Bollywood “bad boy” Sanjay Dutt and leading lady Katrina Kaif. The big-budget movie is about a sunken treasure ship and is said to have been inspired by the Hollywood production The Deep. Those involved in the project are keeping the plot close to their chests, including Kylie, who said only, “I saw the footage of the film. It looks very good.”

Kylie At Blue Press Conference
Blue Press Conference Blue Press Conference Blue Press Conference Blue Press Conference

Asked if she would consider future offers from Bollywood, Kylie said, “I got a lot of love here. Right now this feeling is just sinking in but certainly in future I will do more if I get the chance. I didn’t know much of Hindi but it does not matter because everyone was very cooperative and I had fun and joy. I wanted to be part of Bollywood for a while and it was great opportunity that came by.”

Kylie On Set Of Blue Kylie On Set Of Blue

Since her arrival in Mumbai Akshay Kumar has been playing Kylie unofficial host which has apparently pleased Kylie as she is a huge fan. “It started when Kylie watched Chandni Chowk To China. She was completely hooked to Akshay’s antics. In fact one of her main incentives for accepting Blue was the opportunity to meet up with Akshay.” a source revealed.

Kylie with Cast of Blue

“When she decided to do the film and the date for her arrival was confirmed she made discreet inquiries about Akshay’s schedules and his availability. She also wanted to go through the full India experience, including the khana,a wedding and of course the Taj Mahal and Jaipur -Rajashthan route.” the source added.




6 responses

9 03 2009

Hey guys! 🙂

Do you think Kylie will be filmed under water as well?

9 03 2009

Will you be able to see the film when it is out in the u.k?

10 03 2009

No, I don’t live in the U.K. , I live in Germany. 😦
But I think the movie will be in our cinemas too, maybe a bit later.
And what about you?

11 03 2009

im am so gonna see this i cant wait i loved slumdog millinare and with kylie in one of his films its gonna be brilliant

11 03 2009

Well i live in Scotland. I so hope it comes here 🙂

27 11 2010
Katrina Kaif

Blue was really pathetic.. ewww. Not as per expectations. Just few bold scenes mixed with dull story.

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