Kylie To Release Men’s Fragrance

15 03 2009

Inverse by Kylie Minogue

According to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Kylie is set to release her first Men’s fragrance entitled Inverse. Although there has been no official announcement as yet, a rather sexy commercial featuring Kylie and her current beau Andres Velencoso has already surfaced on the internet. Keep reading to check it out.


On the subject of perfumes, four new shots of Kylie from the Couture promotional campaign have been released.

Couture Promotional Shoot Couture Promotional Shoot Couture Promotional Shoot
Couture Promotional Shoot



12 responses

15 03 2009

pls be true i will so be buyin this lol

15 03 2009

If it smells well ( and I’m sure it will ๐Ÿ™‚ ), I will buy it, too!!!
Though I’m a girl… ๐Ÿ˜‰

15 03 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

I still haven’t got Sexy Darling or Couture! Kylie! slow down! haha!

16 03 2009

Lol I agree. I haven’t got Sexy Darling or Couture either!!

Quick question : If you had to evaluate the impact Kylie has had on the music scene and has she revolutionised music what would you say??

17 03 2009

It’s simple Kylie has had a big impact on the music scene, i don’t know if she has revolutionised music although she has changed her music and style allot across the years.

Can you define what you would call an example of music at a revolution?

16 03 2009

Use it on your boyfriend Nina !?
I want to buy it to !

16 03 2009

Will get it for my dad for Fathers day lol :L

16 03 2009

About time we had a fragrance too!!! Can’t wait to see what it smells like. Hope i like it.

17 03 2009

If it smells like a guys’ fragrance I might buy it if possible :]

17 03 2009

yummmy andres and kylie looks amazingin this

21 03 2009

Tut tut tut, shoes all over the floor.
How messy ๐Ÿ˜›

25 05 2009
The Fragrances That Men Love To Carry With Them | Peony Perfume

[…] Kylie To Release Men’s Fragrance […]

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