Kylie Goes Bananas For UNICEF

17 03 2009

Kylie Goes Bananas For UNICEF

What has got to be Kylie’s most unusual single to date, Monkey Man which she recorded with Australian kids TV sensation The Wiggles back in December 2008 is now available from iTunes. All proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to UNICEF, for whom The Wiggles are colourful Goodwill Ambassadors. I just love that a star as big as Kylie still doesn’t take herself too seriously to say no to such a good cause. Keep reading to check out the hilarious video!




16 responses

17 03 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Absolutely hilarious! Yes, i too love that Kylie is willing to perform this silly song for such an important cause, it is a cute song though, I LOVE Kylie!

18 03 2009
Mark Varner

Samara, he said, drawing himself up to his full 5 foot 11 inches, this is NOT a silly song, despite evidence to the contrary supported by this video. It was recorded by Toots and the Maytals back in ’69 and probably goes back further. A lot of these “non-sense” songs were protest songs that blacks might have sung to make fun of “the man” in British colonial times.

But it really is a cute version by the wonderful Wiggles. Kylie? adorable as always. Woo hoo! MuAH!

17 03 2009

this is one of her best songs yet lol well its not hers its the wiggles but its amazing makes u smile alot

17 03 2009

i love the fact she can make songs as ridiculous of this, but still have a great time πŸ™‚ i am going to go and buy this straight away πŸ™‚

18 03 2009
The Impossible Princess

Nice one OLLY. Your money will be going to a really important charity!

17 03 2009

how bizarre. when is she gunna release a new single that she has done her self. if that makes sense. then a new album

20 03 2009

I kinda agree with you πŸ˜›

17 03 2009

Kylie, the pink Wiggle!!! πŸ˜€

17 03 2009
Emily β™₯

omg this is brilliant!!!! i’m in love !
i wish i had her shoes 😦 lol love her πŸ˜€ xx

18 03 2009
The Impossible Princess

OMG Emily β™₯ I hadn’t noticed the shoes – loving those killer pink heels!

18 03 2009

It its amazing Kylie is being apart of this πŸ™‚

18 03 2009

I don’t think i’ve seen Kylie dance that much in years!!! Bet she were knackered by the end of the shoot. It’s really good that an established star such as Kylie can help out a worthy cause… even if it is with The Wiggles. Very amusing to the ears and eyes!!

19 03 2009
Michael hong kong kylie fans

so lovely kylie !
I love kylie

20 03 2009

aw its so cute!
I LOOOOVEEE her shoes! I want them!

20 03 2009

Hahaha, this is quite cool.
The actual song annoys me, the same Lyrics over and over.. but i like the video.
And i want the giant love heart at the end that says ”DANCE ROCKS”, just because.

18 04 2009

Kylie, she is such a classy good fun gurl, I watched her when I was a student in that Aussie soap and to develope into a true world star does prove that nice people get on in the world. The Wiggles they are great fun, wot a wonderful combination and its gets better, they do this for Uncef, bravo

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