Kylie Brings Her Man Home

7 04 2009

Kylie Brings Her Man Home

This week’s edition of Australian magazine New Idea includes a two page spread of photos from Kylie’s recent holiday in Queensland with boyfriend Andres Velencoso. During the trip the pair met up with Kylie’s parents who joined them for a relaxing break that included golfing at Palm Cove and scuba diving at Opal Reef.

Kylie & Andres in New Idea Magazine Kylie & Andres in New Idea Magazine

You know things are getting serious when you finally meet your partner’s parents. So superstar Kylie Minogue’s hunky Spanish boyfriend Andres Velencoso must be one happy man!

Last week Kylie and her model man jetted to Queensland for a holiday that doubled as a chance for Andres to hang out with Ron and Carol Minogue. Kylie’s mum and dad joined them for a break that included sightseeing, golfing at Palm Cove and scuba diving at Opal Reef near Port Douglas.

The pair have been dating for only six months and friends say Kylie was hoping her parents would give him the thumbs up. Luckily he was a big hit, with a friend of Kylie’s saying, “Ron and Carol were very impressed. Kylie’s friends and family are concerned some guys might want to be her boyfriend just to further their careers, but Andres seems genuine. “I haven’t seen Kylie this happy in ages.” the friend says.

The 31-year-old model also met Kylie’s brother Brendan and Andres clearly passed a big test. “Kylie is so close to her family,” her friend adds. “So now she knows they approve, her relationship with Andres will only get more serious!”

Taken from this week’s New Idea magazine.

A big thanks to OceanBlueSpiral for the magazine scans.




5 responses

7 04 2009

he’s gorgeous!!! They’re lovely couple, aren’t they?

8 04 2009

Yes, they are! šŸ˜‰

8 04 2009

of course they are , and just to say i never got golf i cant play it

8 04 2009

Aww šŸ™‚

Btw, did anyone see Kylie on ‘Horne & Corden’?
I didddd šŸ˜€

8 04 2009

yh so did i but bit disappointed she didn’t say a lot. she could have ahd a few more line but it was still amazing

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