Kylie – A Queen Of British Pop

10 04 2009

Kylie - A Queen Of British Pop

Earlier in the week BBC1 documentary Queens Of British Pop celebrated female stars that have taken us from post-punk to The X Factor and their impact on the music scene. The programme focused on six artists, Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, Geri Halliwell(?), Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and of course, Kylie!  Keep reading to watch their Kylie profile.

Kylie – A Queen Of British Pop



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10 04 2009

Kylie you sure are Queen of Pop!!! 😀

10 04 2009

ok i watched this on tv and i didnt get y geri was on it and amy WATS THE POINT

18 10 2009

If you watched it you should understand why Geri was included, she was the driving force behind the most successful British group since the Beatles. De facto leader of the the best selling girl group of ALL TIME. Thats why. A group that sold more records in 3 years than Kylie has in her whole career.

10 04 2009

The only REAL female singer to come from Britian IS , Elkie Brooks.

10 04 2009

Elkie Brooks could teach these all how to sing. She is above POP.

10 04 2009
The Impossible Princess

Gosh Dave/Andrea,

You must be a real Elkie Brooks fan to post comments about her using two different names!

11 04 2009
Mark Varner

Looks like you have arrived, Impossible Dave. You have sockpuppets posting on your site.

Anyhoo, what a charming piece on Kylie. It put a smile on my afternoon. Thanks!

Brits are so wonderful. They put the “me” in program, ha ha.

11 04 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi Mark,

Glad you enjoyed the program(me) – I’m British and I’m not even sure how we spell it!

What’s a sockpuppet?


P.S. There’s no such thing as Aluminum, it’s Aluminium!

27 04 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Who the HELL is Elkie Brooks?

11 04 2009

yeah we need her to be voted the queen of pop officially so go to

and vote for Kylie

She deserves it

11 04 2009

by the way voting cloeses of the 21st april and you can only vote once unless you find another computer so please vote kylie

14 04 2009
andreX Colombia

Ella es la mejor de todas… una anfitriona mundial del Pop!

25 04 2009

what’s up Dave? 🙂 Haven’t seen anything new from u for a while…

27 04 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Dave! where are you? is everything alright? are you doing well?

8 05 2009

que pasa con dave??

8 05 2009

Sorry fogot to post the video of rihanna and kylie at leukemia event

12 05 2009

Dave where are you?? i think people are gettin worried about ya!! there has been loads of kylie news over the last week and no new updates hope ur ok man!!

18 05 2009

Dave where are you? …. so many news about Kylie… and your site is not refreshing.

18 05 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

OMG!!! Dave please! Where are you! I’m worried about you, we all are!

1 10 2009


11 British number 1 albums

13 number 1 singles

Shes spent more weeks atop of the album charts than any other female entertainer (31), has sold more singles in the British charts than any other female, sold more albums in the British chart than any other female and sold out more UK concert tickets with highest grossing attendance records and sales than any other female. THAT is what constitutes a Queen!!! She’s also influenced everyone from Kylie to Britney, Beyonce to GaGa…why elso would Kylie be working with Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana???

16 10 2009

Madonna is THE Global Queen of Pop, but Kylie is next in the line of succession!

18 10 2009

Umm why the hell would you put a question mark next to Geri Halliwell being a queen of British pop?
While Kylie was as good as forgotten in the 90’s Geri was the driving force behind the most successful British group since the Beatles. The Spice Girls sold more recods in three years than Kylie has sold in her whole career. They conquered America, something Kylie has never done, and Geri in her union jack dress is one of the most iconic pop culture images of the 90’s. There was no other UK female who became a bigger pop icon in the 90’s than Ginger Spice. None. Obviously I would understand people being a little sniffy had Geri just been included for her solo work (although four consecutive number 1 singles aint too shabby) but there’s no way you could argue against Geri’s inclusion as de facto leader of the Spice girls. Considering thier impact around the world in the 90’s, however short lived, it was a bigger impact than Kylie has ever made.

20 09 2014
Archie Thomson

Her sales do not reflect that! In Fact Madonna has ruled the British charts since 1982 when Kylie was faffing around in Aussie TV soap world!

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