Back Really Soon!

21 05 2009

Hi guys! Just a quick post to say sorry about the unexpected absence, unfortunately ill health has got the best of me and I just haven’t been able to update the site.

I hope to be back really soon with a new look and a recap of everything that’s happened over the last month.

Finally, thanks to everybody who has sent me get well emails, they have been much appreciated!

Love to you all!

Dave x




23 responses

21 05 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Oh that is so great to hear! We were all getting very worried, you’re not alone Dave! EVERYONE has been getting sick lately! I was ill for a week and i felt terrible! Well i hope you make a fast recovery and get back on here soon with those awesome Kylie posts!

21 05 2009

Great to see you back, Dave! Best wishes for continued recovery. We’ve missed you and your posts.

21 05 2009

Take care 😉

21 05 2009

Thats okk 🙂 i have heard there is a french/english sensitized out now 😀 😀 i have heard it, I LUVV IT, i have to download it 😛 GET WELL SOON 😀

21 05 2009

Take care! we love you too!

21 05 2009

Great to hear that you are feeling better. Have missed the site not being updated. You do an amazing job with this brillant site!
Take care

22 05 2009

Welcome back.
You have been missed and our weekly feed of Kylie news.

22 05 2009

Hope u feel better soon Dave! Cant wait til ur back u can fill us all in on the latest kylie lol

22 05 2009

oh that where you are

hope you are feeling better

glad you are back with us anyway

22 05 2009


welcome back!

22 05 2009

Welcome back Dav . we missed you . take care.

23 05 2009

I wish u well Dave. Kisses:)

23 05 2009

glad to see you back and that you’re ok


24 05 2009
Scott Fiore

Get well soon Dave!
🙂 Scott

24 05 2009

Great that you feel quite well again, Dave! 🙂

26 05 2009

Hola Chico!!
Que bueno tener noticias toyas .. realmente te extrañaba.. espero mejores pronto aqui en Lima – peru , hay mucho movimiento con el Kylie BDay.

Hi Guy,
Is really wonderfull to know about you, really a going to missing you, I may to be betther as soon.

27 05 2009

hello , I read you news of kylie it s cool, hope you re well, I leave in Cannes and i hope to kylie au VIP Room (i knew a man at the technic ) but at the entrance all security man are so stupid i can go to see the show i was to much nervous so next to her (just lisning the voice) I must going to Paris to see her ha la la la by isabelle

30 05 2009

get well soon Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 06 2009
Adam of Adelaide

Get well soon mate, will all appreciate the hard work you put in, we share this pashion together.

All the best for a speedy recovery.


2 06 2009

Get well sn.

5 06 2009

Good u are back soon x

8 06 2009

Vuelve pronto amigo Dave !!! te extañamos me algra saber d ti saludos desde Chile!!!

11 06 2009

where are you dave is there any new site i don’t no yet that you are posting on. or have you just not posted ina while

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