An End & A New Beginning

14 06 2009

An End & A New Beginning

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to everybody who has supported the site over the last 18 months. I’ve met some really great people from all over the world!

Unfortunately, although  the free version of WordPress (which runs this site) is a fantastic system their ban on using anything other than basic HTML coding has become very restrictive, and all of the paid upgrades I have needed to add have meant that the site has become very expensive to maintain (approx £100 per year – and with the WordPress ban on advertising I have no way to recoup any of these costs). To this end, sadly ‘The Impossible Princess’ will not be returning. However….

I am in the process of building a bigger, better site which I am hoping will be on-line by the end of the month.

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the site so far!

Site Layout

I’ll post the address of the site on here once it is up and running.

Looking forward to chatting with you all again really soon,

Dave x




29 responses

14 06 2009

omg nooo
by the way i love the name because i have that name on some other website

so im a little sad this is going but im happy ur having another site

14 06 2009

noooo! this site was so great! 😦

but i think the new site will be much better! 😉 it looks amazing! (and that is just one little picture! ;D)
Thanks for working so hard, Dave!


14 06 2009
Samara is KylieKrazy

Awww, i’m really going to miss this site, it was the very first Kylie fan site that i found when i got my new computer, i LOVE this site but if you are cooking up something better for us then i guess it won’t be so hard saying goodbye to this one! Good luck with the next site Dave and i can’t wait to see it! by the way LOVE the name!

15 06 2009
Michael Fan

Great ! i love it

15 06 2009

Glad to see perhaps the best Kylie source on the net isn’t closing altogether – just a move and some work here and there – which after all is what we all need at some point!

15 06 2009

omg can’t believe it is closing. can’t wait for the new site. it looks great.
and the name is really good too.

you’ve worked so ahrd on this site but if its to expensive thej it is too expensive but you have got another one coming so i will look forward to it


15 06 2009

What a shame. look forward to the new 1 though. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into this Dave. This sit’s better than for news. Well done.

15 06 2009

Oh no !! eso es triste chico!, realmente este site me gusta, pero tambien lo que estas haciendo es fantastico ..
MIl Gracias!!!

16 06 2009

I will miss you IP! Like Samara, this is one of the very first fan sites that I found, and the one I visit religiously.

However, with change, comes bigger and better things. Change is good. Dave, you always come out with the best and never cease to amaze your audience/followers/”groupies”. I know your new site will be even better.

Best wishes! Looking forward to the new site!

P.S. Hope you’re feeling better.

16 06 2009

So I am happy and I look forward to 😀

17 06 2009
Sexual Gold

this is the best site ever:(
I really hope u get the new site up as quickly as possible, I need my daily dose of GOD(kylie).

17 06 2009

es muy triste !!!pero lo bueno es la pagina nueva!!! te queremos Dave!!!

17 06 2009

Hurry back soon – Your site rocks XX

18 06 2009

like “Sexual Gold” said, that’s THE best site ever !!! and the more interesting 2… =P nice 2 see the new

18 06 2009

Aww, i’m going to miss this site!
My first Kylie fan site i found :]
oh well, the new site looks amazinggg!

19 06 2009

I think your new site will be great as well!!! 🙂

22 06 2009

I’m going to miss the site too..
Like the rest,this was my 1st Kylie fan made site..(and the most well-build for all the others)
But something tells me that the new site you’re creating will be superb as this!!
Thanks for everything and most of all,the dedicated hours for this and Kylie!!
So,goodbye “The Impossible Princess” and welcome “Kylie Krazy” !!!

26 06 2009

I love this site but i’m sure the new one will be just as good if not loads better. I can’t wait for ‘Kylie Krazy. Thanks Dave.

28 06 2009
The Impossible Princess

Hi guys,

It’s really great to hear how much you enjoyed this site, it makes all the hard work worth while.

Things are progressing really well on the new site – although I didn’t realise what a big undertaking starting a new site from scratch was going to be!

Anyway, I hope to have the new site (and forum!) up and running in the next couple of weeks.

See you then,

Dave 😆

2 07 2009

Can’t Wait love Kylie and have loved this site 🙂

4 07 2009

will u post thw website on here so we can get the link wen its done

4 08 2009

yes, he said this in his post

9 08 2009


28 10 2009
Keith C

The end is a llllllllllllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnggggggggg time coming!

19 12 2009


16 01 2010

Does anyone already know the new website?! 🙂


21 01 2010
Nipul Parikh

Cake and girl, both are looking sweet.

12 04 2014

Hey, I’ve only just stumbled across your site as it’s coming to an end…but I wanted to say good luck with the new one (so…”Good luck with the new one!”).

I had the exact same predicament. I’d been blogging on for about 5 years and had loved doing so and gained a following, but for similar reasons to yourself — combined with the very nasty issue that, at any point in time, the site could inexplicably be legally closed down and there would be no way to retrieve it — I started a new site. Self-hosted this time. has only been going a few weeks, but I’m really happy I made the switch (I say “switch”, but I will continue to blog on .com in the future, although not with anywhere near the same frequency).

It feels great to have full control over what you are doing! I did find it very intimidating, but still, it had to be done and I’m sure it’ll get easier with time (I hope!).

Cheers and good luck with your new project,

Chris/Silly Old Goat

20 09 2014
wife chat

wife chat

An End & A New Beginning | Kylie – The Impossible Princess

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