An End & A New Beginning

14 06 2009

An End & A New Beginning

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to everybody who has supported the site over the last 18 months. I’ve met some really great people from all over the world!

Unfortunately, although¬† the free version of WordPress (which runs this site) is a fantastic system their ban on using anything other than basic HTML coding has become very restrictive, and all of the paid upgrades I have needed to add have meant that the site has become very expensive to maintain (approx ¬£100 per year – and with the WordPress ban on advertising I have no way to recoup any of these costs). To this end, sadly ‘The Impossible Princess’ will not be returning. However….

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Back Really Soon!

21 05 2009

Hi guys! Just a quick post to say sorry about the unexpected absence, unfortunately ill health has got the best of me and I just haven’t been able to update the site.

I hope to be back really soon with a new look and a recap of everything that’s happened over the last month.

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