Kylie Biography To Air In USA

9 12 2008

Kylie Documentary

For all you guys in the USA who never get to see any Kylie TV shows, the Biography Channel will be airing a 1 hour Kylie documentary on the Wednesday the 17th of December.

The listing for the show reads : From a pre-teen acting role on an Australian soap, Kylie Minogue made the improbable leap to global music star and pop diva. Renowned for her outlandish behaviour and obsession with fashion, Minogue, whose signature classics include “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, just released her tenth album, having sold more than 40 million records over a 20 year recording career. A recent breast cancer survivor, she has bounced back more confident than ever, whether she’s singing to adoring concert audiences, acting in films or returning to television for entertainment and comedy specials.

Kylie Documentary –  Biography Channel, Wednesday 17th December @ 4:00am ET




15 responses

9 12 2008

y cant every kylie thing be on every channel so the whole world can watch
just hoping it will be on youtube

9 12 2008

don’t worry Naomi, I am sure it’ll be available somewhere online for downloading. Like you, i used to panic but now have become quite good at finding things online.

9 12 2008
The Impossible Princess

I’ll post the video on here as soon as it’s available.

Dave 🙂

9 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

I know how you feel Naomi, It would be a wonderful thing if everything Kylie was available to all her fans from one channel and site, especially with her new releases, its been a triumph for me just to buy her cd’s & dvd’s in America, a FREAKIN triumph!

9 12 2008
Samara is KylieKrazy

P.S. i am very excited to watch this bio on tv and Dave i love the awesome snow on the site! how do you do that?

9 12 2008

Something else to watch along with my Kylie X 2008 Live in London DVD!!! Just arrived, and they sent me two. Looking forward to seeing what I couldn’t from the nose bleeds at that O2. :))

10 12 2008
Sarey loves kylie!

So does this mean itll be on the Bio channel on cable? So aussies will be able to watch it too?

10 12 2008
Mark Varner

Something for us poor Americans. Woo hoo! Hopefully she’ll be showing up on our TVs in early February when she WINS HER GRAMMY.

10 12 2008

hopefully kylie will attend the grammy awards in 2009 and perform a any song on her X album (except all i see)!

10 12 2008

Sweet! Thanks Dave! By the way, I also love the snow too.

10 12 2008

Aaa she’s been a very cute kid 😀

10 12 2008

just to let everyone now who read this that i heard and downlaoded all of the boombox album and it sounds AWESOME

10 12 2008
Blake is kylielover10

if you live in australia you can watch it as well

11 12 2008
The Impossible Princess

Hi guys,

Glad you like the snow, thought it was about time to start getting the Christmas decorations out – spent most of last night trying to untangle the fairy lights!

Dave 😉

17 03 2009

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